Yacht Delivery Captains Rate + Other Fees

 The following rates are for a U.S. Coast Guard licensed professional merchant marine. These are affordable and within the industry standard rates for captained delivery.

Captain Phill: Rates start at $350.00 per day for sailing vessels and up to $450 per day for larger motor boats.

 Crew: $150


 Provisions: $25.00 per diem per person while on the vessel.

 Travel and other costs: Transportation cost is round trip from Captain Phill’s location in Palm Beach, Florida to your vessel departure point and return travel to home base using practical means including airfare, rental car, Uber, Lyft and Taxi.

 Fuel Cost: Fuel, oil or other consumables used during the trip will be at owner’s expense.

 Deposit or credit card is required for the following: marina dockage fee, port costs, sailing permits, etc.

 Example of Recent Trip of Time Billed:

Norfolk, VA to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Approximately 800 Nautical Miles
Divided by AVERAGE speed 15 knots = @ 53 hours of travel time
Hours divided by days = @ 5 days

Estimated days to complete voyage: 5-7 days depending on weather.

*Additional days not included in this estimate would be billed at agreed daily rate above the cost of estimate.

 *Note that the speed of the boat I use to calculate the time comes from you. If you tell me the boat is faster than it is, the estimate will be off. 

 Captain Phill @ $350 per day
1 Deckhand @ $150 per day
Total $500 x 5-7 day estimate= $3500

 Provisions for 2 x Crew = $50
5-7 days = $350

 Total cost $3,850 + plus cost of fuel and marina dockage.